"Are you OK?" visits

Are you busy with work, leaving home early, not getting back till late, and worried about your pets during their long days at home alone?

Is your pet having to wait long periods between meals?

Are you feeling guilty about not spending enough time with your animals?

Would you like someone to lock your cat in before it gets dark?

If you answered yes to any of the above then "Are you OK?" visits are just what you and your pets need. Dog Day Out will go to your home and visit your pets. They will get the attention they need while you are away. During the visit we will give them lots of hugs and pats, go out for a walk, or play ball in the yard. We can lock cats in before dark so they are safe and secure when you get home. Your pet will get fresh water and if requested food and/or treats. The visits will brighten your day too with an sms, mms or email to reassure you that everything is OK.